the future of yawye is green

Aotearoa is our home. So, we’re committed to operating in a way that supports our environment and protects it for our future generations.

Born in mid 2020, we are a boutique baby food company striving to deliver creative, nourishing and Indigenous baby food, whilst holding the environment at the forefront of our minds throughout our business. We aspire to become one of NZ’s most trusted baby food company, offering Indigenous meal plans while adopting sustainable practices throughout our business.

As part of this mission, we are making conscious efforts and plans to implement sustainable practices throughout, including using 100% compostable sticker labels, non plastic lid alternatives and even down to electric delivery vehicles.

rinse – return – reuse

We’re all about protecting Papatuanuku, our Earth Mother, and you too can help us keep the Pacific clean by returning your used Yawye jars to us.

When ordering a recurring meal plan, we can collect your empty jars from the previous week. Just rinse after use, pop them back into the box and leave outside somewhere safe before your next order is delivered. We bring the used jars back to our studio where we run them through our sterilize machine cleaning them thoroughly, ready to be used again.

Taking the hassle out of baby food, no longer do busy whanau need to worry about preparing fresh kai, cleaning up or disposing of the waste — We take care of it all! And if you’re not returning your packaging to us, all we ask is that you do your bit to recycle or reuse the contents, for the good of our planet.


Packaging is a major part of our business operation, as the safety and freshness of our baby food is our highest priority. Our boxes are made from recycled content, manufactured locally and sourced from sustainable NZ forests.

Another feature that we are very proud of is our Rinse – Return – Reuse system. Using glass jars to hold our baby food, we have the capability to continue to reuse the jars, reducing overall waste.

The concept is simple, customers rinse out their old jars after use, return them to the box and leave outside the night before their recurring subscription is delivered again. If customers do not re-order, we encourage them to reuse the jars themselves within their own home. For fun activities to do with the kids, we share creative tips and tricks over on our instagram page with crafty ideas for repurposing our unique jars. When reducing or reusing aren’t possible, recycling is the next best thing.

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